Friday, April 10, 2009


History Of the Hawaiian Astrology

The Hawaiians, know as the world's first celestial navigators, used the zodiac and the stars in the heavens as becons to plot the course of their voyages across the Pacific without the aid of a sextant or compass.

Hawaiian astrology was an ancient science of the Hawaiian priesthood that was taught and preserved in their sacred oracle chants. The value of Hawaiian astrology lies in it's relationship of an understanding of the fundamental meaning of life.
The secret knowledge of the zodiac was the heart of their civilization.

According to their legendary chants, astrology was probably brought to Hawaii from the mythical continent of "Lemuria" and from India where astrology was a science old as mankind. In ancient times astrology flourished in Hawaiia as well as in other societies. Astrology was widely used by the ancient Mayans, the Pharaohs of Egypt, and during the Imperial Dynasties of China. Predictions of the positions of many stars are found in Babylonian tablets of the seventh centry B.C.

The entire subject of astrology was never regarded as one that can be described purely in intellectual terms. It's power lies in thecenter of human consiousness and in the intuitive recesses of the heart.

Astrology is a language of energy. Man and the world are inescapably linked to currents of energy that permeate the universe. . The Zodiac only maps the enegery field of man, but also offers a blueprint of the human psyche in correlation of the planets and constellations.

The Hawaiians used the principles of astrology not only as aids in their journey through life, but also, as a practical means for survival. They recognized that the phases of the moon influenced crops, weather, fishing, behavior of men, etc.

The predictability of cosmic events naturally taught them when to plant, harvest, fish, and hunt, for maximum success. It also showed them the gifts and talents they were born with, the lessons in living they had to learn, and what roles or positions they were best suited for in life. Some predictions related to problems of warfare, earthquakes, tsunami, weather, oceanic traveling, and the trends in the general economy for the welfare of the people.

Astrology reveals that there is only one family in the universe and that we are all one, connected to each other in an infinite variety of ways.