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An Open Letter To Hawai`iʻs Politicians

This is to remind you that you took an oath to represent the people of Hawa`'i. After witnessing the charade and political back-scratching in the Senate Chamber, I was outraged by the conduct of the senators who was apparent that they did their arguments behind closed doors rather than take this controversial issue into the senate chamber.

There was no debate but a railroading of this bill which we the people deserved much more than a flippant rush through of a bill we find repugnant. This was a blatant miscarriage of justice and democracy and sickening to observe the rubber-stamping of its passage through political complacency for pecuniary reasons.

We have asked for public hearings on all islands so we can speak out on the issues of this bill which is now on the floor in the House as HB 1627 and hope that you will consider opposing this nefarious and seditious bill.

We are cognizant that it is in violation of the US constitutional laws and international laws whereby you do not have the jurisdiction to create a puppet Native Hawaiian governing entity to usurp the still existing Kingdom of Hawai`i.

We will not tolerate this faux native Hawaiian governing entity as it is NOT representative of we, the citizens of the lawful Kingdom of Hawai`i, which is still under the US belligerent occupation and subject to the law of occupation.

We will continue to fight this travesty of justice and not recognize the copy of the Akaka Bill as a representation of us and our rights. This objection to the bills SB1; SB 1520; and HB 1627; as well as the duplicate version known as the Akaka Bill in US Congress is well-documented and recorded in the countless testimonies.

We are quite aware of the ulterior motives which we find despicable. We will remember those who disregarded our opposition at election time and who ram-rodded this bill by forcing it on us. We will constantly fight against the entity if you decide to create this faux entity to steal our status, rights and resources.

David M. K. Inciong, II

Pearl City, O`ahu

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Official Protest to the Treaty of Annexation of the Hawaiian Islands

Official Protest to the Treaty of Annexation of the Hawaiian Islands

Presented by Lili‘uokalani in Washington D.C.

June 17, 1897

I, Lili‘uokalani of Hawai‘i, by the will of God named heir apparent on the tenth day of April, A.D. 1877, and by the grace of God Queen of the Hawaiian Islands on the seventeenth day of January, A.D. 1893, do hereby protest against the ratification of a certain treaty, which, so I am informed, has been signed at Washington by Messrs. Hatch, Thurston, and Kinney, purporting to cede those Islands to the territory and dominion of the United States. I declare such a treaty to be an act of wrong toward the native and part-native people of Hawaii, an invasion of the rights of the ruling chiefs, in violation of international rights both toward my people and toward friendly nations with whom they have made treaties, the perpetuation of the fraud whereby the constitutional government was overthrown, and, finally, an act of gross injustice to me.

Because the official protests made by me on the seventeenth day of January, 1893, to the so-called Provisional Government was signed by me, and received by said government with the assurance that the case was referred to the United States of America for arbitration.

Because that protest and my communications to the United States Government immediately thereafter expressly declare that I yielded my authority to the forces of the United States in order to avoid bloodshed, and because I recognized the futility of a conflict with so formidable a power.

Because the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, and an envoy commissioned by them reported in official documents that my government was unlawfully coerced by the forces, diplomatic and naval, of the United States; that I was at the date of their investigations the constitutional ruler of my people.

Because neither the above-named commission nor the government which sends it has ever received any such authority from the registered voters of Hawaii, but derives its assumed powers from the so-called committee of public safety, organized on or about the seventeenth day of January, 1893, said committee being composed largely of persons claiming American citizenship, and not one single Hawaiian was a member thereof, or in any way participated in the demonstration leading to its existence.

Because my people, about forty thousand in number, have in no way been consulted by those, three thousand in number, who claim the right to destroy the independence of Hawaii. My people constitute four-fifths of the legally qualified voters of Hawaii, and excluding those imported for the demands of labor, about the same proportion of the inhabitants.

Because said treaty ignores, not only the civic rights of my people, but, further, the hereditary property of their chiefs. Of the 4,000,000 acres composing the territory said treaty offers to annex, 1,000,000 or 915,000 acres has in no way been heretofore recognized as other than the private property of the constitutional monarch, subject to a control in no way differing from other items of a private estate.

Because it is proposed by said treaty to confiscate said property, technically called the crown lands, those legally entitled thereto, either now or in succession, receiving no consideration whatever for estates, their title to which has been always undisputed, and which is legitimately in my name at this date.

Because said treaty ignores, not only all professions of perpetual amity and good faith made by the United States in former treaties with the sovereigns representing the Hawaiian people, but all treaties made by those sovereigns with other and friendly powers, and it is thereby in violation of international law.

Because, by treating with the parties claiming at this time the right to cede said territory of Hawaii, the Government of the United States receives such territory from the hands of those whom its own magistrates (legally elected by the people of the United States, and in office in 1893) pronounced fraudulently in power and unconstitutionally ruling Hawaii.

Therefore I, Lili‘uokalani of Hawaii, do hereby call upon the President of that nation, to whom alone I yielded my property and my authority, to withdraw said treaty (ceding said Islands) from further consideration. I ask the honorable Senate of the United States to decline to ratify said treaty, and I implore the people of this great and good nation, from whom my ancestors learned the Christian religion, to sustain their representatives in such acts of justice and equity as may be in accord with the principles of their fathers, and to the Almighty Ruler of the universe, to him who judgeth righteously, I commit my cause.

Done at Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America, this seventeenth day of June, in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-seven.


Joseph Heleluhe }

Wokeki Heleluhe } Witnesses to Signature.

Julius A. Palmer }

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray For Japan

Pray for Japan, Save the World.

Our father in heaven,

May your perfect will fall upon the land of Japan,

For you have endless love and mercy,

May your savings hands stretch to t,hose that are devastated,

May your arms of comfort reach to those in misery,

We pray that you heal all that are hurt with your great power,

We pray that you give peace to all the families in sorrow,

May you bless all disaster relief and may their recovery efforts be speedy,

With your grace may you bless and restore all the homes,

May you bless all our friends, family, students and businesses in Japan

May the world lift their hand's of prayer, May the world see your wonderful works,

In the Holy name of Jesus Christ we pray,




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