Friday, March 18, 2011



An Open Letter To Hawai`iʻs Politicians

This is to remind you that you took an oath to represent the people of Hawa`'i. After witnessing the charade and political back-scratching in the Senate Chamber, I was outraged by the conduct of the senators who was apparent that they did their arguments behind closed doors rather than take this controversial issue into the senate chamber.

There was no debate but a railroading of this bill which we the people deserved much more than a flippant rush through of a bill we find repugnant. This was a blatant miscarriage of justice and democracy and sickening to observe the rubber-stamping of its passage through political complacency for pecuniary reasons.

We have asked for public hearings on all islands so we can speak out on the issues of this bill which is now on the floor in the House as HB 1627 and hope that you will consider opposing this nefarious and seditious bill.

We are cognizant that it is in violation of the US constitutional laws and international laws whereby you do not have the jurisdiction to create a puppet Native Hawaiian governing entity to usurp the still existing Kingdom of Hawai`i.

We will not tolerate this faux native Hawaiian governing entity as it is NOT representative of we, the citizens of the lawful Kingdom of Hawai`i, which is still under the US belligerent occupation and subject to the law of occupation.

We will continue to fight this travesty of justice and not recognize the copy of the Akaka Bill as a representation of us and our rights. This objection to the bills SB1; SB 1520; and HB 1627; as well as the duplicate version known as the Akaka Bill in US Congress is well-documented and recorded in the countless testimonies.

We are quite aware of the ulterior motives which we find despicable. We will remember those who disregarded our opposition at election time and who ram-rodded this bill by forcing it on us. We will constantly fight against the entity if you decide to create this faux entity to steal our status, rights and resources.

David M. K. Inciong, II

Pearl City, O`ahu