Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Know You From Hawaii WEN.....

For all you local guys and gurls out dea......You know  you from Hawaii when...

- You can understand and speak pidgin english and da people from da mainland cannot understand you!

- No body is completely sure where "north" is...

- You eat rice every single day

- Its shave ice not snow cones, shoyu not soy sauce, saimin not ramen, slippers not flip flops

- The name Duke means royalty...

- You know what "ukus" are and you had um at least once when you was one lil keiki

- Da term "dress up" means one nice aloha shirt and jeans

- You know what "tutu" means

- You get a million pairs of rubbah slippahs outside your house when your family gets together

- You eat portuguese sausage, eggs and rice for breakfast

- You buy large quantities of toilet paper in case ders a longshoreman strike

- You would serve spam as a meat for dinner

- You know wut da "stink eye" is and how to give it

- You can correctly pronounce Kalanianaole, Kalakaua and Aiea

- You know wut a "Huli Huli" chicken is

- You know da difference between being hapa and hapai

- You know wut it takes to get into Kamehameha schools

- You tink 70 degrees is cold

- Public transportation = Da Bus

- You spent half your life barefoot

- You eat mango wit shoyu, vinegar and pepper

- You know how for cook rice by measuring da water wit da knuckle of your index finger

- You call everyone older den you "Aunty" or "Uncle" even if dey arent related to you

- The idea of taking something from a heiau is unthinkable

- A approaching hurricane only means one thing....Surfs up brah!

- Beans are da perfect condiment for ice cream


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