Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Things that happens in Las Vegas when it Rains

Given this weeks showers marks the First rain in the valley in125 days. Las Vegans have a strong reaction to wet weather.
Here are 7 tthings that always happen in Las Vegas when it rains.

1- NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE!!... the  moment the rain starts in LV, everyone rushes to greet home and ends up crawling out the window of their cars or trucks.

2- Everyone runs to Twitter and Facebook to  report the rain like it's never happened before.

3- People avoid going outside because of the flood in their drive way-And by flood, they mean the 2inches of water that has built up between the side walk curb and the street.

4- Every girl takes a  photo dancing in the rain-because this only happens every 6 months- this makes a  perfect rain selfie opportunity.

5-Locals love the lower temps..*But hate the humidity.

6- Everyone walks around with slightly damp hair and clothes, because no one owns an umbrella . . Given it was more than 125 days since the last rain-buying an umbrella doesn't seem like a good investment.

7- NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE IN THE RAIN!!!... Did I mention that already????

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