Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feng Shui Tip

Feng Shui Tip: for Saturday, October 30 2010

It might be 'Mischief Night' here in the U.S. but across the world there's an energy surrounding today's 'Forgiveness Day.' Since one might preclude the other, I thought I'd share an ages old technique that brings forgiveness and balance back to any strained relationship. If you are harboring anger or hurt feelings towards someone, remember that your grandmother was probably right when she said the only person that energy is hurting is you. Consequently, it's also up to you take some affirmative and empowering action steps to bring balance and healing back to the fold. You'll need a pen with green ink, white paper, a jar with a lid, a small white tea candle and some sweet honey.
Write the name of the person with whom you would like to have some healing with in green ink on fresh white paper. Fold the paper in quarters and put inside the jar. Cover the paper completely with honey so that is it totally immersed and then tightly shut the lid of the jar.
For a few minutes each day or night, take the jar out and light a small white candle either on top of it or immediately beside it. As the candle burns down visualize that you're sending healing energy, love and forgiveness to the person whose name is written on the paper inside the jar.
Literally 'see' an expression of your soul or Higher Self embracing and forgiving the Higher Self of the offending party before blowing the candle out. Do this for a few minutes for nine consecutive days or nights. On the ninth day allow the candle to completely burn out while enacting your empowered and heartfelt healing visualization. Then throw the burnt candle away and either bury the honey jar in your backyard or put it in a brown paper bag and dispose of anywhere outside of your living space. It won't be long before forgiveness will be offered and sweet healing will herald an entirely new relationship. No mischief there, just good old-fashioned healthy healing!


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