Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sharing an Email From A Friend

Sharing an Email from a friend 30 Oct 2010

I was recently going thru some old documents and found one pertaining to my move from the Washington, DC area to central Mexico. A lot of people raised their eyebrow at the brashness of my decision, but for me, it seemed like the right thing to do at that moment in time. However, reminiscing over the discovered document gave rise to the specter of "did I make the right decision?" I can categorically surmise "Yes"; but the next question to follow is: 'Do I have any regrets?'

Contemplating that question, I do come away with one major regret which I will share with you, and then ask you to immediately consider if you might have made a similar decision. My prime regret in moving to a foreign country is the fact that I gave up my right to participate in the democratic process of voting. I left the states not long after George Bush was elected to a second term... and I will admit at the time I thought the electorate had gone mad. I was a sideline observer during the election of President Barack Obama, but I certainly championed his cause -- still do. I am going to have to sit out yet another important election, but I am still a keen observer. I feel once again that the electorate may be on the brink of madness. I come to this conclusion because those who were so passionate about the election two years ago have become disengaged. And those who mind set is purely against creating a stronger union, have whipped the electorate into a frenzy conducive to ignoring facts, and relying on rhetoric. Therefore my lone vote will be drowned in the stampede to change 'change'!

So I have to re-examine my original decision to leave behind the right all Americans have; that I practiced all my adult life; that I served in the Armed Forces to preserve; and that I still regret that I have given up. But I would urge you to take a few moments to read two articles that I have attached which I believe bolster my decision. Maybe I was a bell-wether of a trend that seems to be taking hold across the US and Canada. From my vantage point, I can see the migration; and I hear the numerous stories of why that personal migration was made. Most of those stories also tell of regrets, but the migration made too much sense not to be followed.

So to all of my friends and family that still have their democratically given right to vote, I urge you to exercise that right, and to get as many as you can to do the same. Rome was not built in a single day; nor were the problems that currently face the electorate. However, to the millions who now have, or soon will have a stronger medical safety net, I think the gains of the last two years were positive. There are yet to be tweaks that must be made, but many of you will wonder some day how did we ever survive without such a sensible prospectus.

Love and prosperity to all... and I will be more than happy to discuss Mexico with anyone who wishes to inquire. R

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Feng Shui Tip

Feng Shui Tip: for Saturday, October 30 2010

It might be 'Mischief Night' here in the U.S. but across the world there's an energy surrounding today's 'Forgiveness Day.' Since one might preclude the other, I thought I'd share an ages old technique that brings forgiveness and balance back to any strained relationship. If you are harboring anger or hurt feelings towards someone, remember that your grandmother was probably right when she said the only person that energy is hurting is you. Consequently, it's also up to you take some affirmative and empowering action steps to bring balance and healing back to the fold. You'll need a pen with green ink, white paper, a jar with a lid, a small white tea candle and some sweet honey.
Write the name of the person with whom you would like to have some healing with in green ink on fresh white paper. Fold the paper in quarters and put inside the jar. Cover the paper completely with honey so that is it totally immersed and then tightly shut the lid of the jar.
For a few minutes each day or night, take the jar out and light a small white candle either on top of it or immediately beside it. As the candle burns down visualize that you're sending healing energy, love and forgiveness to the person whose name is written on the paper inside the jar.
Literally 'see' an expression of your soul or Higher Self embracing and forgiving the Higher Self of the offending party before blowing the candle out. Do this for a few minutes for nine consecutive days or nights. On the ninth day allow the candle to completely burn out while enacting your empowered and heartfelt healing visualization. Then throw the burnt candle away and either bury the honey jar in your backyard or put it in a brown paper bag and dispose of anywhere outside of your living space. It won't be long before forgiveness will be offered and sweet healing will herald an entirely new relationship. No mischief there, just good old-fashioned healthy healing!


Does Karma Exist?

Does Karma Exist?

“Does karma exist? How does it work? And if karma is real, and ‘god’ exists, why am I being punished?” I don’t think I can count how often I have been asked that, and how often I would ask myself the very same question.

I’m not an expert, nor am I some kind of minister or religious scholar. I am, however, pretty good at observing people and situations. Over the years I simply came up with my own conclusions of how “karma” or “god” works. So before I continue, I want to make it clear that these are my opinions, view points and truths.

I finally started seeing that most of the sadness and disappointment in my life was brought on by my own choices. Based on who I am, I tended to attract certain individuals. It’s very similar to animal instincts. Just like a wolf recognizes others from his pack, so I would recognize those who would continue to fulfill my expectations of disappointment and betrayal. I would seek out people with very specific behavioral patterns, even though I knew on some level that it would end in heartbreak and disaster. I was raised to never say “no,” and to think of my own needs and wants as unimportant and unworthy. Actually, it rather astonishes me how keen my senses were when it came to selecting people who were toxic for me on numerous occasions.
Some of the things I’ve experienced were not my fault. Especially things I’ve endured when I was a child. Children are generally innocent. It isn’t their fault when they are being abused, molested, abandoned or mistreated. No god came down to punish them, and they sure as hell are not experiencing bad karma from a life they lived a few hundred years ago. To suggest such a thing is not only ridiculous to me, but a crime.

The damaging thing of most religions is the guilt that is being put on us. We are eager to take responsibility for things that simply were not our fault, and things we had absolutely no control over. When my mother died I was 35. Given who she was at times, I had often wished her dead. Naturally, after she died I felt responsible. Almost every single person I know, who has lost someone to death, felt in some way responsible. Maybe we didn’t love them enough? Maybe we should have done something, even though we don’t know what that could have been. We get angry at “god” and karma; because why would a god with so much power and love for us allow us to suffer so?

Well, I’m not going to argue if god does or does not exist. But we keep forgetting free will, and free will accounts for a lot of stuff. My mother chose to live the way she did. She chose to eat crappy food, to not really take care of her health, to not go to the doctor until it was too late, because sometimes being sick afforded her the only type of power in her life. And so her list of diseases and issues kept growing. My best friend’s mother smoked at least a pack a day, and so did my brother-in-law. While we always hoped for the best, it wasn’t a shocker that both ended up with lung cancer. Sadly, my friend’s mom died. Luckily my brother-in-law survived and, apparently, is doing fine. I don’t think one was more “loved by god,” or had better karma than the other!

Sometimes, for whatever reason, there is just bad luck. Sometimes good things happen to good people, and tools get away with murder. The reason that we are so affected by the bad things happening to good people is that these are often big things; like losing a parent, child or other family member. One of those experiences can scar us for life, and often make up for 10 betrayals or crappy relationships. I believe that in 99% of cases, a person isn’t to blame when they lose a loved one. Sadly, I also don’t believe that “god works in mysterious ways,” and that ”he” loves one person more than another.

I think the reason that many don’t look at life and situations this way is simple. There is, or at least for me there was, a certain hopelessness in knowing that my life is up to me, and that I have to take responsibility for each and every word and action. It’s also not particularly inspiring to know that, no matter how “good” I am, bad things still might and will happen to me. All I can do and have control over is how I treat myself and others. Finally, just imagine what it would do to someone if they could truly grasp the full repercussions of their actions, without a higher power forgiving them, or making it all better. How sucky would it be if all the religious extremists did not have their god to blame anymore for their appalling actions, discrimination and bigotry? Take god away, and a lot of righteous folks turn into crazy, mean-spirited bullies.

I believe in cause and effect. I believe that being dishonest, mean, rude, selfish and unkind, or otherwise a tool will backfire eventually. Not because you got punished, but because sooner or later you’ll have to pay the price for your own choices. It’s not karma or god; it’s simply life, cause and effect, nature or law of the fittest. Understanding how my choices affect my quality of life and getting away from the victim mentality at least no longer makes me feel like someone who is unloved by a higher power, or punished by something I am not even aware of. Interestingly enough, I still believe in “a higher power.” I am just no longer expecting this power to shape the outcome of my life

** How people treat you is their Karma; how you react is yours**